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More Cycad Specials
Check out the following below!
Some lower priced cycads, including, Encephalartos, Dioon, and Cycas species.

Seedlings below are not new little wimpy things; they are great plants!  Remember, phytosanitary Ag.  permit may be needed in your State.  When ordering, I will let you know.  We can ship to Hawaii.  No other discounts applied to specials.



Encephalartos ferox, flat leaf variety:  #3 nice 4 year old seedlings for $99 plus s/h.  These are good sizes, normal price about $45.    

Encephalartos gratus, 4 year old seedlings, very nice, large for a band, #3 for $99 plus s/h.  Healthy and large for a seedling.  Normal price is $45

Dioon edule, beatiful 4 y/o seedlings, getting good size, #3 for $99 plus s/h.  Normal price is $45.

Cycas tatungensus, 3-4 yo seedlings, #3 for $99 plus s/h. 

These are a few of our many cycad seedling tables and growing areas in the greenhouse.

 "Blue Light Special":
Choose one from the following rare, blue cycad species: Good size blue Encephalartos horridus, E. trispinosus, and E. lehmanii.  Buy three large (8 inch or large caudex) blue African cycads and save 20% off regular prices. These are wonderful, fully rooted out, beautiful plants - collector-quality.  Lots to choose from.  Why wait for a seedling to grow? Start big and enjoy blue cycads right away.  As time goes by, prices are continually increasing and availability dropping.  So, don't dally on these beauties!

Cycads on Table 2

E. horridus
Encephalartos horridus



E. trispinosus
Encephalartos trispinosus

Encephalartos lehmannii
Encephalartos lehmanii


To order, just call us at (619)291-4605, or email us at phil@junglemusic.net.  Let us know the species you want.  
For mail orders, we usually ship the same day.  We can email photographs of the actual plants you'd be getting. 

Or, better yet, just drop by the nursery and hand select your own plants.  We've literally got tens of thousands of cycads for sale including many hundreds of mature, large plants.  Sorry, no international shipments.  Double discounts not offered!

>> Click here to see our entire cycad inventory.  This shows what we have and the price on the seedlings.  


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  All major credit cards accepted