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by Phil & Jesse Bergman

A Brief Introduction of the Species


This rare and almost extinct miniature cycad is from a single cliff in the KwaZulu-Natal district of South Africa.  It is estimated there are about fifty plants remaining in the wild.  It has blue-green leaves covered with a waxy substance that has a unique smell.  Size of this cycad is small with caudexes under a foot and leaves under three feet long. Comments below include information on this species and how to grow it in the garden. 


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Encephalartos cerinus by irieonline
by irieonline

Encephalartos cerinus

Encephalartos cerinus by irieonline


This species is critically endangered and is only found within the Buffelsrivier Valley of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  Plants grow in rocky grasslands and sheer cliff faces inside the range of Buffelsrivier Valley.    The climate is hot and dry, getting little annual  rainfall.

Plant Size: 
This is a dwarf species.  Mature plants rarely exceed one meter in total height.  The stem of this species is subterranean, which contributes to its diminutive stature.  Stems also tend to be solitary; it is exceptionally rare to see this species produce any basal suckers.

Other Characteristics:   
The name "cerinus" is derived from the Latin word for wax.  The blue/green color that you observe in this species is caused by a waxy coat that the plant produces (like a plant sunscreen).  This species is a good grower, flushing regularly on an annual (or biannual) basis.  They do carry a full, upright crown of leaves which are relatively unarmed.  Another interesting trait of this cycad is, if you rub a leaflet between your fingers and smell them, it smell like wax.  This is the only species that I am aware that does this.  Female cones are are a light green or yellow/green.  Male cones are a light yellow.

This plant does well in coastal full or partial sun.  In inland areas, I recommend planting this species in partial sun or filtered light.  For desert regions, I only recommend this species for shade.  This species prefers a soil that drains well, but is tolerant of water.

Landscape Usage:  
This plant is a great addition to most gardens and landscapes.  It is "friendly" as far as Encephalartos go, and is easy to fit in even tight garden spaces.  It really should be at the forefront of any planted space as it does not get too big, and it is a beautiful plant.  You don't have to worry about getting poked or scratched by this species, so if it were to drape into a seating area or walkway, that would not be an issue.

Availability:  We typically can offer sizes from seedlings or small plants on this species.  It's quite rare to offer a larger plant as this species is so rare and it takes over 20 years to get a larger plant.  But, we usually have a supply of seedlings on up to about 15 gallon plants.  .

Pricing:  Encephalartos cerinus is a very rare plant and usually expensive.  And, remember that is a slow growing dwarf species and never gets very large.   Examples of prices are listed below.
Encephalartos cerinus

Encephalartos cerinus

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Encephalartos cerinus
Encephalartos cerinus
Encephalartos cerinus Encephalartos cerinus Encephalartos cerinus


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Encephalartos cerinus   $95+ $135+   $350+   $ 350+   $600+   inquire  



We are often in short supply on
E. cerinus.  Supply is limited because it is so rare and there is not reliable source for seeds or young plants.  Occasionally we get a large specimen but the enthusiast usually must start with a small plant and be patient.  If you are interested in larger specimen Encephalartos or any size cycad, contact us and we can quote over the phone or by email.  We usually have in stock some spectacular coning sized blue cycads for sale. 

  Note:  All Cycads are Sold by Caudex Size, Not Container Size.
For example, a given pot size could have a smaller or very large plant in the same size pot.
This is why there are "+" signs next to prices.
But, prices above will give you an estimate of beginning prices of each size.






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