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by Phil & Jesse Bergman

A Brief Introduction of the Species




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Encephalartos lanatus UNKNOWN AUTHOR
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Encephalartos lanatus unknown author

Encephalartos lanatus unknown author 2

Encephalartos lanatus


Locality:  This species comes from the Gauteng and Mpumalanga regions of South Africa.  Their native landscape ranges from semi-open woodlands to an exposed rocky (sandstone) desert-like habitat.

Plant Size:  This is a small to medium sized species.  Encephalartos lanatus have short leaves that scarcely exceed a meter.  Their stems can reach about a meter and half in a few centuries.  Plants are almost always solitary, but they can occasionally produce basal suckers (very rare and very few).

Other Characteristics:  The name 'lanatus' is derived from the Latin word meaning "wooly".  The petioles, newly emerging leaves and cones are all 'wooly'.  Which is why this plant is also know as the "Wooly Encephalartos".  The leaves on this species emerge a pale green with a thick wool-like tomentum (plant hair).  They are a pale green when they first emerge.  As the leaves age, they transition to a powdery silver/white color.  The leaflets and petioles on this species are unarmed and are mildly pokey.  Both the ma
le and female cones are yellowish tan color.

This species has to have soil that drains very well.  It also need to be in sun for coastal and inland areas.  If you plant it in the shade, it will slowly die.  For desert areas, sun is a possibility but you can grow them in partial sun to filtered light.

Landscape Usage: 
This species can work in almost any application as long as you provide sun and drainage.  They will work well along the foreground of a planting and should really be a focal point as there are few plants that get as pretty as this species when its happy!

Availability:  We typically have some E. lanatus available but never a huge supply of them.  Although we've had them before, it's rare to find huge specimen plants.  This is because they dig poorly and typically have to be grown from seeds.  As they are slow growing, one can imagine how many years it takes to get a potted specimen plant.  The sizes from seedlings to 5 gallon size are easily mail ordered.

Pricing:  Encephalartos lanatus is a rare species and therefore a bit pricey.  We usually have some small to medium sizes available.  Examples of usual sizes that are available with prices are listed below.
Encephalartos lanatus

Encephalartos lanatus

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Encephalartos lanatus Encephalartos lanatus Encephalartos lanatus
Encephalartos lanatus Encephalartos lanatus Encephalartos lanatus  


Species   Band 1G$ 5G   CitrusPot   15G 20G $ Box $
Encephalartos lanatus   $55+   $95+ $195+ $ 195+ $475+ inquire   inquire


We have typically a very limited number available of Encephalartos lanatus.  This is sought after and slow growing species.  It take ten years or more to produce a 15g plant.  When available, prices above give you an idea of what they cost.

  Note:  All Cycads are Sold by Caudex Size, Not Container Size.
For example, a given pot size could have a smaller or very large plant in the same size pot.
This is why there are "+" signs next to prices.
But, prices above will give you an estimate of beginning prices of each size.






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