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2018 - 2019
Below are photos of our staff with a short description of each person

Jungle Music is a medium sized nursery in Encinitas, a small beach community north of San Diego in Southern California.  It specializes in palm trees, cycads and tropical plants.  We are very proud of the staff we have at Jungle Music.  Many have been with us for more than a decade or two and all are experts in their own way with the plants.  We have published this page for a reason.  When you contact us or visit the nursery, we feel that you should know something about the people who will assist you with advice or your selections.  Hopefully, this page will tell you about everyone on our staff.  You won't feel like they are "strangers" when you call or visit the nursery.



Phil Bergman started the Nursery in 1977 and has been studying plants and operating the nursery for almost 40 years.  He has authored countless articles on palms and cycads and is the Past President of the International Palm Society and Palm Society of Southern California and was instrumental in the formation of the IPS PalmTalk.  Incidentally, he was an emergency physician in San Diego for 41 years at Scripps Hospital in Chula Vista, retiring in 2017.
300 Phil Bergman 
Jesse Bergman, Phil's son, has been working at the nursery and studying palms and cycads for over 20 years.  He graduated from UCSD with a degree in biology and anthropology.  His particular area of expertise is with cycads. He has assisted many people with on-site design and culture issues.  He is married to Blanca (below) with two daughters.  He'll someday be taking over the nursery.  You can really trust his plant choices and advice. Jesse Bergman Jesse by Jubaea
Rusty Phillipy, well known in the San Diego area as a champion surfer, also loves palm trees and tropical plants.  He's been with Jungle Music for over ten years.  He has designed and grown his own garden in the Cardiff area and enjoys helping people pick out the best palms for their needs.  He's also a well known local surfer champion. Rusty Rusty
Joaquin Hernandez has been in the nursery trade for over 30 years and with Jungle Music for over 20 years.  His job mostly deals with plant propagation and culture.  After a medical issue, he's once again jointed us with nursery support.  He speaks Spanish and knows a lot about the plants.   Joaquin Hernandez Joaquin and Rusty
Ricardo Juarez has been with us for seven years years and is now an expert on palms, cycads and tropical plants,  He really enjoys helping customers pick the right species for their area and helping with garden design.  He's very intelligent and can quickly educate you about the plants.  He also does most of our plant deliveries and speaks Spanish fluently.  Ricardo and Rusty Ricardo 
Alma Garcia-Juarez loves companion and tropical plants.  She's the one to see if you want something beautiful, colorful or different for the garden.  If you visit us, you'll spot her because she's the one with the biggest smile and is in a lot of our plant photos.  If you have her help you, you'll have fun!  And, she speaks Spanish! Alma Alma 
Mitzi Bergman, married to Phil for thirty-four years, has been continually involved with the office duties of the nursery.  She is quite experienced in the field study of palm trees and loves to travel to see new species. MITZI  Mitiz
Jenna Bush joined us in 2018 and has had a near lifelong love of plants.  Palms and cycads are newer to her but she is learning quickly.  She's energetic, inquisitive and loves to work outside.  She really enjoys plants that are different and unique like the Ficus dammaropsis in the first photo. 
Jenna Bush Jenna Bush
Blanca Bergman, Jesse's wife, is an occasional nursery support employee.  She helps us when she's not busy with her two lovely daughters and her passion for music and the arts.  BTW, she's an active musician/singer and has her own company Art Unites.
BLANCA BERGMAN Blanca and Jesse
Tori Burnett joined us in June, 2018.  She is in her third year at U.C.S.D. studying neurosciences.  She assists with plant maintenance and is rapidly developing an appreciation for our tropical plants.  She's fond of helping out with sales and customer needs. Tori Burnett Tori
Brandon Lim also joined our staff in 2018 and is a sophomore student at U.C.S.D.  He is a history major with a special interest in comparative revolutionary history.  He assists with plant and nursery maintenance.  He is very energetic and fun. Brandon Brandon


SUMMARY:  Over our 40 years in existence, the staff at the nursery has obviously changed.  But, one thing all staff have
had in common has been the enthusiasm and interest in palms, cycads and tropical plants.  With the comments and photos above,
at least you'll now know who you are talking to or emailing with.   And, hopefully they'll all give you good information and
guide you to the right choice of species/selections.  All are experts in shipping and culture.

Thank you for visiting this website page.


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