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Delivery is available!

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Below you will find policies regarding our Shipping, Delivery, Privacy, Confidentiality of Customers,
Shipping Costs, any Plant Guarantees, Return or Refund Policy and Other Items that Apply to
Jungle Music Sales.




We ship the majority of Jungle Music plants in their containers with soil and in their original pots.
  On request, we can bare root plants but do not like to do it.  With bare rooting, there remains the resulting risk of immediate death or loses and the almost guaranteed growth setback of one year.  For this reason, we prefer to ship plants in their pots.  Many times the cost of such shipping plants with their soil is not that much more, especially on larger plants.  This is the case as shipping entities charge according to either: dimensions or weight, whichever is more profitable for them.  As the dimension don't change that much with bare rooting, one didn't accomplish much but has given risk to the plants.  Shipping companies we use include Federal Express (our favorite), UPS and on smaller items USPS.  Most plants are shipped Federal Express ground as this is more economical for the customer and the plants do well with ground transport if weather is acceptable.

We feel that we offer some of the most professional and secure shipping offered in the nursery industry. 
Plants are typically secured in their pots with "snow balls" of newspaper applied tightly against the surface soil and then taped to the pot.  The pot is then bagged in a strong plastic bag.  Stabilization boards (usually about 1 x 2 inches by the height of the plant) are attached as needed to protect the plants if they are inadvertently upended or dropped on their tops.  The staked plant is then slid into a sturdy, end loading box and securely taped. 



As we are shipping plants, living things, there could arise occasions where delays occur.  This is most typically because of inclement weather.  A customer's weather and our weather in the San Diego area "might be fine".  But, the plants travel by ground between our shipping location and the customer's destination locality and the plant(s) could see extreme cold weather en route.  We try to watch the weather reports as best as we can and avoid risks to the plants.  The same can occur with extremely hot weather.  Also, problems with shipping companies or trucking companies can occur.  So, have some patience.  We'll ship as soon as it is safe.  This is typically within a day or two from spring to fall. Winter shipments many times are subject to weather delays.  But, we hold purchased plants for free until the weather is good.  Also, agricultural checks by officials  can delay the delivery of plants.



Shipping costs depend on the size and weight of the plant(s) being shipped, the number of boxes needed and which company is doing the shipping. 

The USPS is the most affordable but only takes small packages. 
Larger boxes holding a typical 5g plant are too big for them to ship.  They will not take such boxes.  An assortment of small plants like 1g or band sizes can be done by the USPS.  USPS charges typically are between $15 and $35, depending on size and weight.  We can sometimes put multiple plants into one box.  We can confirm charges prior to payment if you wish.

Federal Express:  We've found that Fed Express is the most reliable and affordable of the major parcel carriers.  They do about 95% of our parcel shipping.  The way we come up with a shipping cost is by measuring the box precisely and weighing the box with the plant in it.  Obviously, every plant is different.  We have a "box fee" that averages between $15 to $30 per box.  This covers our material costs and the labor for preparing one's order.  To this we add the actual price Fed Express charges us.  That's available by phone or the Internet.  Fed Express's quoted price is dependent on the "Dim-Weight" (Dimensions or weight) numbers and your locality (zip code).  Every box is different because of size and weight.  Estimates of shipping can be made, but final determination of shipping costs can only be made once the plant is boxed, measured and weighed.  Be aware we do not ship internationally.  If a customer wants a shipping cost price to ordering, this is no problem although it may be an estimate until the plant is boxed.



For larger plants or a good selection of plant material, it may be financially advantageous to use an independent trucking service.  If an order is near our nursery, we can often do such deliveries. 
 Jungle Music is typically able to deliver plants to any area of Southern California.  But, sometimes (especially many hundreds of miles away) it is more affordable to have an independent trucking company do the delivery.  We can quote local Southern California delivery prices by us or by a trucking service.  The cost of an independent trucking service depends on where you live and the volume/weight of the plants you are buying.  For our deliveries where we do the plant transport, the same charge applies whether the customer buys one or twenty plants.  Thus, it's a truck fee to your locality regardless of the volume purchased (up to one full truckload).

Where a profession flatbed is needed on extremely large plants, we quote rates on request.

When we palletize plants, we do charge a fee to cover the lumber, materials and labor needed to make the pallet.  This is in addition to the trucking service charge.

When shipping by an independent trucker has been arranged and paid for, there is no refund from the trucking service.  So, be sure before you order.

We do ship nationwide plants of any size
.  For extremely large plants we let our associates arrange shipping.  This would be for crane sized plant material. 

We are always able to give customers cost estimates for delivery right to their door prior for any purchases. 
But, be aware with trucking companies that, once a trucking company has been scheduled and paid for delivery, there can be no cancellation or refund.

We do not ship plants internationally.  Nor do we sell seeds.  

 Delivery service



Invoices always accompany any plant order, regardless of size.  This may include credit card slips.  Also, all needed Agricultural permits and Phytosanitary Permits accompany each order.  If the order consists of multiple or many boxes, accompanying paperwork is usually put into the first box, "Box 1".  On the outside of each box we apply the total invoice with the basic needed permits.  The attached/enclosed invoice will typically have plants enclosed with species names.  We also include information on plant acclimation and what to first do with the plants when you get them.  On orders delivered by our truck or a trucking service, the driver has all the needed invoices/contents/permits.   



If weather is not an issue, plants are shipped typically the same day the order is taken or the next business day.  If an order is going all the way across the country, sometimes the decision is made to ship the following Monday
after the order is taken.  This is because Federal Express takes a full five work days (Monday - Friday) to deliver to such distant parts (from us) of the country.  It is safer for the plants to avoid any weekend delays.  Thus, Monday is a better shipping day if a 5 day trip is anticipated.



As payment for plants purchased, Jungle Music accepts cash, personal or bank checks, money orders and all the major Credit Cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.  We can also do PayPal but a small additional charge may apply. 
Payment must be secured prior to the shipping or delivery of any purchased plant material.  A five day clearing period may be needed for any out of state checks.



Although we cannot and do NOT GUARANTEE that every customer in every locality throughout the country can successfully grow our plants in their area, we do guarantee safe delivery of healthy plants when delivered.  
And, we try to educate you on your plant decisions so you won't buy items that would never make it in your environment. 

If you think about it, how could a nursery guarantee plants when they'll be subjected to a whole array of conditions, in areas we don't know, with culture we cannot document and when most of the time we are not familiar with the person caring for the plants?  It just can't be done.  But, we do guarantee that your plants will arrive in very good condition, just like when they were packed at the nursery.

If a customer feels his plants are severely damaged in transit or dead on arrival, please contact us immediately.  This must be done within 7 days of the plant(s)' arrival.  The plants would be replaced or we'd give a refund on the plants - which we do is at our discretion.  The customer would email us photographs of the dead or severely damaged plant with any box damage if present.  

We've been in business for almost 40 years and have never had a plant arrive totally dead.  We've had damaged boxes, but no "dead on arrivals".  Probably this is because we watch the weather carefully, avoid shipping if weather (cold) is a problem, and pack the plants very carefully. 



  Your payment and personal information is always safe. Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software is
  the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions.
  It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it
  cannot be read over the internet.




If your order has been charged out but the plants have not yet been shipped, boxed up or delivered, by calling us you can cancel the order.  We charge a minimum of a 20% handling fee (on plant costs) on such cancellations for pulling and holding your plants.  Prior to shipping or delivery, any shipping or delivery charges are fully refunded unless a trucking company has already been paid for truck delivery prior to your contacting us.  Therefore, do not place an order via independent truckers unless you are positive about your order.  In any case, a cancelation fee will be charged to the customer.  OF NOTE:  If a plant has been selected and held for more than 30 days for a customer and then the order is then cancelled, a 33% or more charge to the customer will be deducted from any approved refund. 

Such refunds may, at our discretion, be mailed and paid by company check or credited to your credit card.  Method of refund is at our discretion.  Such approved refunds are processed within 5 days of your contacting us to cancel an order.  For larger yet cancelled purchases, a structured repayment over time would be required.

Once the plants have been shipped or delivered, there are no refunds unless the plant is dead or severely damaged on arrival. 

If a plant arrives dead or severely damaged, we must be notified within 3 days after the plant's arrival to you.  Photographic evidence is needed of the plant's demise or damage.  Photos of the damaged box/container are also needed.  These can be emailed. 

For truck deliveries, your accepting the plants is considered evidence that they were in very good condition on arrival.  If there are damaged or dead plants on arrival, we must be contacted immediately and at the latest within 72 hours.     

At the discretion of Jungle Music, such shipped plant refunds are for 100% of the plant cost only.  Such accepted refunds will be credited to your card or mailed as a check within 5 business days after you notify us.  We offer no refund of any shipping costs.

Remember:  On delivered plants or shipped plants, refunds are only offered if the plant is dead or dying on arrival.  Verification is required.

If a customer "changes his mind" about an order, this does not qualify for a refund if the plant has been shipped or delivered.  If the order has been placed but not shipped (an no independent trucker already paid), an order cancellation fee of 20% will apply.  So, be sure about your orders and purchases.  For orders being shipped, we offer to provide photographs of purchased plants so that the customer sees what he's purchasing.  On major purchases and also for plants that have been held for more than two weeks, a 33% of more cancellation fee is charged.

If a plant arrives in good condition but dies later under your care, there is no guarantee whatsoever and there are no refunds. 
We cannot warranty the survival of plants under another's care or conditions.  We try to go out of our way to make sure you understand culture for purchased plants.  If you don't, please contact us and we may be able to assist you.  But, the responsibility of whether a plant will survive in your environment is totally up the the consumer/purchaser.  So, be sure about your orders and purchases. 

Under no circumstances would any plant that was removed from it's container or planted into the ground be considered for any refund of any sort.

6.  CYCAD OFFSETS:  No warranty or guarantee is given on any cycad offsets.  These plants are sold at a discount and the buyer assumes the risk for rooting such offsets out and growing the plant.

SUMMARY:  Refunds follow the policies above.  It behooves you to talk to us and understand which plants are best for your area.  Do your research and know your growing conditions.  Only be "experimental" if you can take that risk.  We'll help guide you as best as we can to avoid your loss of plants once you get them.  And, we're always available with cultural help.



We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. We may collect
personally identifiable information when you email us.  We do not as Jungle Music copy your IP address, cookie information and the page(s) you visited. Such information may be gathered by other companies that provide website statistics.  Rest assured, we will not sell your personally identifiable information to anyone.

Our strict policy at Jungle Music is that we never share customers' names, addresses or other information (confidential or otherwise) with any other company, organization or outside agency other than our credit card processing company.  All credit information held by us is safely guarded and destroyed once plants have been delivered.  We personally never store credit card numbers or information on any computers. 

Only at the request of the individual customer would any confidential information be kept securely in written only form / and secured by locked office by Jungle Music for future orders. 

With this said, email address of customers may be kept for future electronic or U.S. mail correspondence, promotions or sales.  But, we willingly remove anyone from our computer records immediately upon request. 


Shipped Boxes On Arrival
Appearance shipped Boxes on Arrival to Florida
Another Shipped plant on arrival
Picture of another plant on arrival and
out of box
Pallet of Plants
Pallet of plants being loaded onto delivery truck
pallets of plants ready for delivery
Two pallets of plants ready for trucking service
Boxes ready to ship
Boxes with plants ready to ship
shipped plants
Note invoice and Ag Permits on outside of the
box upon delivery


For any questions about the policies above, please contact:

Phil Bergman
Jungle Music Palms, Cycads and Tropical Plants
email: phil@junglemusic.net
Phone: 619 291 4605
Mailing Address:  3233 Brant St., San Diego, CA 92103

Nursery Location:  450 Ocean View Ave., Encinitas, CA 92024 





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