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Basselenia gracilis, Southern CA
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Basselinia gracilis
Basselinia gracilis
Basselinia gracilis
Basselinia gracilis
Basselinia gracilis
Basselinia gracilis
Basselinia gracilis
Basselinia gracilis
Basselinia gracilis, Southern CA
Basselenia gracilis, Southern CA


Basselinia gracilis

Common Names:




New Calidonia

Cold Hardiness:

30-32ยบ, F.

Trunk Type:

Slender gray or black trunk. Crown color can vary greatly, e.g., red, green, orange.

Leaf Type:

This palm can have a pinnate or entire leaf. The leaves can vary from 2-4 feet.


This palm can either be solitary or suckering.


Easy to grow under normal circumstances.

Speed of growth:

Slow to moderate.


5-10 feet.

Soil requirements:

Rich soil with good drainage.

Sun requirements:

Shade, filtered or morning sun.

General Description:

This is a must have in most gardens. It has a lot of color and is very tropical looking. It can be grown easily in most gardens in Southern California.

Further Data:

In the wild this palm can vary greatly in how it looks. I saw tall and short, light and dark, suckering and solitary versions of this one palm tree. It is truly a magnificent palm.

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Basselinia gracilis


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