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Cycad Help & Advice
Whether you're growing the common Sago Palm (Cycas revoluta) or an Encephalartos species, the same basic rules apply to almost all cycads. The articles below give valuable information about the care and maintenance of cycads and the Sago palms. This information on cycads has been written to help you become a successful cycad grower.  They are written by Phil & Jesse Bergman 
of Jungle Music.  

Scroll below and click on the topic you want to read. 

Watch for more articles in the near future, including: "Removing pups from my sago palm" .  For plants for sale, click "home" and click "palms" or "cycads for sale". 

Best Cycads for So Cal banner

New Article:  Best Rare Cycads for Southern California - And for other areas and states  Click to Read 


Banner Sacramento Cycad Collection 

Late August, 2016
New Super Rare Cycad Collection

200 plants from Sacramento, CA

All container grown from seeds
Species Never Offered Before!



Banner Palm and Cycad Collection July 2016

 July 2016 - Private Collection of rare Palms & Cycads   Click to see this Offering 

Blue Encephalartos Collection
Just in:  June, 2016 Several dozen blue Encephalartos from Private Collection :  See Collection!




Macrozamia macdonnellii 

Zamia pygmaea


Encephalartos horridus

Dioon spinulosum old





New Cycad Collection

 Blue Cycads
An article about the main species of blue cycads with explanation of how these plants get blue and optimal conditions for blue growth.  Lots of photos of blue cycads shown

  Repotting Cycads and the Importance of Cycad Roots
Are cycads just about the caudex?   Is caudex size the main thing?  This article addresses the important issue of roots, how they are essential to plant growth and how to tell about the roots when you repot.

  Zamia Cycads
A descriptive article about this exotic genus of plants including information on morphology, culture, diseases and individual species.

  African Cycads
Actual pictures of plants of Encephalartos
and Stangeria for sale at the nursery.  This
is a quick pictorial thread.

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  Repotting Cycads
Pictorial article on the technique of repotting a cycad with comments about cycad soil, containers, soil drainage and culture

African Starter Pack

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Zamia elegantissima

  Encephalartos horridus, A Stunning Blue Cycad
This article describes this very sought-after blue cycad with many photos and information on culture and usage in the garden

Water Conservation with Cycads

Save water with these great cycads.
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Cycad Potting Mix

The key to growing cycads successfully.
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Cycad Potting Mixes, Cycad Soil

  Potting Up Cycad Seedlings
Potting up new cycad seedlings is quite easy.  If you follow a few simple rules, success is is the rule, not the exception..  Some of the important rules when repotting cycad seedlings are...  
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Potting Cycad Seedlings

  Establishing A Cycad Caudex or Offset In Pumice
Establishing cycad plants (sago palms) and successful removal, growth, and propagation of basal suckers.  This article talks about how to make new plants from the baby plants at the base of the trunk.
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Establishing Cycad Pups, Establisihing Cycad Caudex

  My Cycad Is In Trouble!
This article is written for those who have a problem with their cycad or want to avoid the common maladies of cycad growing. In this article we discuss the problems that we’ve seen frequently and advise as to potential remedies that seem to help. It is meant to stimulate the reader into inspecting his plants and coming up with therapeutic modalities for his plants. The better one gets at this, the better grower he will become.
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Help My Cycad Is In Trouble

The Sago Palm, Cycas revoluta
General information about the popular species Sago Palm (Cycas revoluta); also known as King Sago Palm. How to grow this plant, and FAQ'S (frequently asked questions).
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Cycas revoluta, the Sago Palm

Cycads in the Landscape
This article is an introduction to cycad and their usage in a landscape environment. This article is recommended reading for the cycad novice.
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Pictures of Nursery Cycads and Mature Specimens
This article shows mature cycads and actual plants for sale at the nursery.  It's a fun way to see what a purchased plant will look like in time.
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Help with Selecting Cycads for Your Area
This article helps guide you to the best cycad species for your area.
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We Buy Cycad Collections and Plants
This describes how our nursery will buy certain
types of cycads.  We do not buy Sago Palms.  To read this article click here.

New Plant Arrivals at the Nursery
Clicking here will instantly show you new palms, cycads or tropical plants we are offering at our nursery.  Photos and prices given.  This will change with new additions every few days.  Popular and requested species will also be shown.
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Video Tour of the Complete 2.5 Acres of Jungle Music.  You'll see all of our growing areas, our shipping technique, our display area and the education center.
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Cycads In the Landscape, Dioons species in Hawaii.


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