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Palm Tree Help & Advice

See below for palm tree information. The articles below discuss species and groups of palms, palm culture, selecting palm trees for your garden, plants (currently) offered for sale at our nursery, and many other topics.  The column to the right list these articles in groups for quick review.  

Articles listed below are written by either Phil Bergman or Jesse Bergman with the purpose of educating people about this great group of plants.  Some may have been published in a variety of plant journals or publications elsewhere.



Articles and descriptions below.    Quick list of palm tree articles below.

palm trees


Cold Hardy Palms





Video Plant Picks of the Week 


  PALM AND CYCAD BLOG: New Plant Arrivals!

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  Rare Cold Hardy Palms in Larger Sizes with Affordable Shipping by Pallets
Article discussing rare cold hardy palm trees that can be shipped quite affordably by pallets in 15g size.  Click to Read 

  Meet the Staff at Jungle Music
Introduction of our staff members as of 2014 - 2015  Click here.

Chambeyronia, the Flame Thrower Palm
This comprehensive article describes the species of Chambeyronia along with culture and advice about this genus.  Lots of photos.  To see Chambeyronia, Click Here

  Palm Tree Care and Names
This is a great place to start.  It lists about 200 of the most common species of cultivated palms, showing basic information and photos of the species

Palm trees, Palm Tree Care and Names Index Page

Click here to read this article

New Video: Jungle Music Plant Picks of the Week
Two to three minute video where JM Staff show you some of their favorite species for sale.  Informative and fun.
To see Plants of the Week Video click here

Licuala cordata

Royal palm tree


palm trees

palm trees pool

Video Tour of the Entire Jungle Music Nursery!
12 minute video by Rusty of all of our growing areas, lots of cool plants, our shipping technique and the educational center.

To see the Video click here


Palm Tree Buyer's Guide
This feature rapidly shows photographs of various types of palms for Southern California gardens.  It's fun and quick to use  Click here to see this Guide 


Video Tour Palm, Cycad and Tropical Plant Display Garden
After six months work, take our new video tour with rusty of our display garden.  See what your garden can look like. 
Click for Video Tour Display Garden


King Palm - Archontophoenix
Comprehensive article about all the six different species of King Palms their culture and how Archontophoenix can be used in the landscape. 
Click here to read this article

  Palm Trees
Easy to read article describing the taxonomy and structure of palm trees and their usage in landscape.  Tells you "what is a palm tree".

Click here to read this article 


  Fan Palm Trees - Leaf Appearance
Quick pictorial article showing how diverse the appearances are of various fan palm leaves.
Click here to read this article


  Palm Tree Seeds and Fruit
Pictorial article on the multitude of palm flowers, fruits and seeds and how to select viable seeds and know if the seeds you have can germinate.
Click here to read this article


  California Palm Trees
Pictorial article on the best palm tree species for California, with an emphasis on Southern California

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  Palm Trees for Sale
Brief article about our nursery, what we sell, how to mail order and customer feedback

Click here to read this article


How to Plant A Palm Tree in the Garden
A comprehensive article discussing all aspects of planting a palm with emphasis on species selection, soil types, drainage, acclimation, watering and fertilizer.

Click here to read this article


New Plant Arrivals at the Nursery

Clicking here will instantly show you new palms, cycads or tropical plants we are offering at our nursery.  Some specials will be given.  This will change with new additions every few days.  Popular and requested species will also be shown. 
Click here to read this article


Windmill Palms and Other Trachycarpus Species  
This fairly comprehensive article talks about the characteristics of this genus, its usage in landscape and culture, and gives photos of many species.  
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Dypsis lutescens, The Areca Palm
Descriptive article about this suckering palm covering its characteristics, culture and usages in the landscape

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The Bamboo Palm 
Article about Bamboo Palms, their characteristics and care, usage in the home and garden, and which species are the best choice to use.

Click here to read this article


Chamaedorea, The Genus  
Article about this genus, its characteristics, usage in the garden and home, culture and other interesting facts

Click here to read this article


Chamaedorea - The Species Article 
Here we describe many of the species in this genus with photos and brief comments on each type

Click here to read this article

Date Palms and other Phoenix Palm Tree Species

This is a comprehensive article about the Date Palm and the Phoenix genus with emphasis on the most popular types including Phoenix dactylifera, canariensis, and others.  It includes pictures, cultural information, descriptions, etc.
Click here to to read this article


Tropical Landscape with Emphasis on Palms and Cycads 
This article deals with the design and creation of a tropical garden.  Discussed are factors of density,canopy, species used and companion plants.  Lots of pictures.

Click here to read this article


Palm Trees In The Landscape

This article walks through all the steps of creating a palm garden through purchasing your property to maintaining your plants.  Basic guidelines for successful palm tree planning, acclimation, planting, maintenance and cultural care..   Also learn about special problems with growing palms and reasons why palm trees can die.
Click here to to read this article.


  Palm Gardens for Homes and Businesses
A comprehensive article on creating a palm garden, starting with the idea of wanting one, learning the species, creating the garden and finally having the garden of your dreams.  Lots of pictures.

Click here to read this article


Acclimation Of Plants

Have you just purchased a plant from a greenhouse or shade house?  This article tells you how to adjust the purchased palm to your environment, thus eliminating burn to the leaves.
Read this article!

Palm Trees In Containers

All palm enthusiasts will grow plants in containers.  This article concentrates on information about growing palms in containers.  Also discussed are plant repotting recommendations, potting soil mixtures and  cultural requirements.  Find a solution for watering, fertilizing, sun/shade, cold protection and pruning problems. 
Click here to to read this article.

Palm Tree Landscape - Placement of Palm Trees

Now that you have begun purchasing your palms, this article talks about how to place them in the garden.  It discusses common mistakes, shade problems, space requirements and other topics to consider when laying out your garden.
Click here to read this article

Greenhouse Culture of Palm Trees

This article deals with basic greenhouse culture of palm trees, problems that can be encountered with your palm trees, special requirements for greenhouse grown palms, and other topics of interest on the subject.  
Click here to read this article

Fertilizing Palm Trees

A quick introduction to fertilizer. General do's and don'ts about fertilizing.
Click here to read this article

Palm Tree Seed Germination

A summary of important points to consider when germinating seeds. Germination techniques, procedures, recommendations and creating an ideal environment for germination and growth..
Click here to read this article

Potting Soil for Palm Trees

The difference between a "universal soil mix" and formulating a soil mix that meets the needs for your palms. Also includes potting soil recipes used at Jungle Music Nursery.
Click here to read this article

Spiny Palm Trees

General information about various spiny palms that can be grown outdoors in Southern California.
Click here to read this article

Palm Trees of Lord Howe Island

An introduction about germination, growth, cultural observation of palms native to Lord Howe Island.
Click here to read this article

  Jubaea chilensis, Chilean Wine Palm
Comprehensive article on this colossal palm with its huge, thick trunk.  Lots of photos and information on culture and growth.
Click here to read this article

Ten minute video of this unqiue hybrid palm.  Shows "hooks", "folded leaflets" and comparison to regular Butia, Blue Jubaea and regular Jubaea chilensis.  Allow time for download.

The Kentia Palm Tree, Howea forsteriana
Article about this popular garden and house plant, including its characteristics, culture and usage.  Lots of photos.
Click here to read this article.

Palm Trees of New Caledonia

General information and notes about my experience with palms native to New Caledonia.
Click here to read this article

Palms of Madagascar

Brief notes created in 1998 on various Madagascar Palm species.  These are derived from Palms of Madagascar by J. Dransfield, et. al. and from our own growing experience.  It's like a quicker primer of the Malagasy palms.  
Click here to read this article

Bismarckia nobilis, the Blue Bismarck Palm
This is a gorgeous silver blue fan palm from Madagascar.  This article deals with characteristics of the species, culture and cold hardiness.
 Click here to read this article   

Palm Trees As Houseplants

A discussion of palm trees for indoors; palms that can be successfully grown as houseplants.
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Cold Hardy Palms

This articles helps you decide which palm trees can tolerate the cold you experience in your area.  It talks about learning how cold you really get, being realistic about your expectations and then logically selecting the best species for your garden.  Photographic links included. 
Click here to read this article

Caryotas Palm Trees, Did You Know?

Article on Caryotas palms (the Fishtail Palm tree), and their culture.
Click here to read this article

I Want To Sell My Large Palm Tree!

Do you have a large palm tree you want to get rid of, but don't know how? Find out how to successfully sell or remove your unwanted large palm.
Click here to read this article

Why Choose Fan Palm Trees?

Explains to the reader the characteristics and unique features of a fan leaf palm. Also discussed are the many types of fan palm trees and reasons why fan palms should be part of every palm enthusiasts garden. To see pictures of the palms look to the margins and on species in blue print, click the link.
Click here to read this article

Palm Tree Care & Names

New to the website is a dynamic feature that gives viewers a quick resource on palm tree care and common names. We've included about 200 species. With a "quick click" you can get most of the information that interests you. Listed are the scientific and common names (if one exists), cultural requirements for each species, photographs, hints as to successful growing, and other interesting data. 
Click here to read this article

Fast Growing Palm Trees

Information about certain palm tree species that are generally accepted as fast growing.
Click here to read this article

Short Palm Trees

Many customers request a palm that does not get tall. Their concerns are that a taller palm will obstruct a view, be more work in maintenance, or just be out of proportion to their location.  Or, they just aesthetically prefer a shorter tree. 
Click here to read this article

Desert Palm Trees

This article covers full and partial sun palm trees for hot, dry desert environments. In this article you will learn which palms will grow in your area and their cultural requirements.
Click here to read this article

The Queen Palm
An informative article about a very common species used worldwide in landscape
Click here to read this article

  The Pygmy Date Palm, Phoenix roebelenii
A comprehensive article about the Pigmy Date, it's morphology and  characteristics, culture, use in the landscape, diseases and tendency to hybridization.
Click here to read this article

  Tropical Plants:  Rainforest Plants That Look Great in the Garden
Article on the usage of colorful companion plants with palms in the garden.
Click here to read this article

  Plant Container Sizes and Descriptions
Explanation of the "gallons" sizes used in West Coast nurseries; How big they are, sizes of these pots and photos of each pot.
Click here to read this article



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Special Points Of Interest


Palm Tree Help & Advice

Articles on palm trees listed below.  For cycad articles, click here.


Palm Trees

Video: Plant picks of the Week 

Palm Trees in the Landscape, basic concepts and ideas

Palm Trees in Containers

Palm Tree Landscape - cement Of Palm Trees

How to Plant a Palm Tree

Greenhouse Culture Of Palm Trees

Fertilizing Palm Trees

Palm Tree Seed Germination

Potting Soil for Palm Trees

Acclimation Of Plants

Palm Tree Care and Common Names

Palm Tree Buyer's Guide


Palm and Cycad Blog

Video Tour tropical plant display garden

Tropical Landscape

Landscape: the Most Important Thing

Actual Nursery Plants for Sale & Side by Side Photos of Mature Specimens

Palm Trees for California

Palm Trees for your area

Palm Tree Gardens for Home or Business

Consultation on design ideas and Usage of Palm Tree Species

Water Conservation and Cycads

Large Specimen Palm trees and Cycads

Palm Trees for Hot Desert Areas

Cycads in the Landscape, (four part article with photos).

Tropical Plants: Rainforest plants that look great in the garden

Palm Tree Seeds and Fruits with Photos Viable Seeds


Photographs of Palm Trees (over 3000 photos)

Chambeyronia, The Flame Thrower Palm

Cold Hardy Palms and Affordable Shipping by Pallets

Dypsis lutescens, The Areca Palm

King Palm - Archontophoenix

Windmill Palm & Other Trachycarpus

The Queen Palm

The Bamboo Palm

Chamaedorea, The Genus

Chamaedorea , the Species

The Pygmy Date Palm

Caryotas, Did You Know?

Palms Of Lord Howe Island

The Kentia Palm, Howea forsteriana

Jubaea chilensis, the Chilean Wine Palm

Butia X Jubaea Tutorial Video (one min download)

Date Palms and the genus Phoenix

Bismarckia nobilis, the Blue Bismarck Palm

Spiny Palm Trees

Short Palm Trees

Palm Trees Of New Caledonia

Palms Of Madagascar

Fan Palm Leaves

Cold Hardy Palms

Why Choose Fan Palms

Palms As Houseplants

Fast Growing Palm Trees

Palm Trees for the Desert

Palm Tree Buyer's Guide


Video Nursery Tour of the entire 2.5 Acres of Jungle Music

Nursery tour palms and cycads

Palm Trees for Sale

Meet The Owner

Meet the Staff

Mail Ordering from Jungle Music

News and Media Coverage of Jungle Music

Directions to Nursery

I Want To Sell My Palm Tree

Plant Container Size and Description


Palm availability/size/price database New Plant Arrivals

Cycad availability/size/price database

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