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Palm Tree Name Search Results
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Botanical Common 

Chamaedorea adscendens 

no common name

Chamaedorea cataractarum 

Cat palm, Cataract palm

Chamaedorea costaricana 

Costa Rican Bamboo palm

Chamaedorea elegans 

Parlor Palm, Neanthe Bella Palm, Love palm, Good Luck Palm

Chamaedorea ernesti-augustii 

Ernest August's palm

Chamaedorea fragrans 

no common name

Chamaedorea glaucifolia 

Frosty palm

Chamaedorea hooperiana 

Hoopers palm

Chamaedorea linearis 

Whale tail palm

Chamaedorea metallica 

Metallic palm, Metallica palm

Chamaedorea microspadix 

Hardy Bamboo palm

Chamaedorea pinnatifrons 

San Pablo palm

Chamaedorea plumosa 

Sun Chamaedorea

Chamaedorea radicalis 

Radicalis palm

Chamaedorea schiedeana 

no common name

Chamaedorea seifrizii 

Bamboo palm

Chamaedorea stolonifera 

Stolon Palm

Chamaedorea sullivaniorum 

Sullivan palm

Chamaedorea tepejilote 

Pacaya Palm, Tepejilote palm

Chamaedorea tuerckheimii 

Potato Chip Palm, Ruffles Palm



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