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Jungle Music Garden Consultation Services

Assistance with Tropical Design, Plant Layout and Species Selection


Photographs of Gardens We've Assisted On




We have specialized in tropical plants for over 40 years and have been one of the premier growers since our opening in 1977.  We have seen it all and have helped customers design gardens from scratch, redesign areas, overhaul their garden or just accent what they already have.  We have several staff members who are excellent at advising customers.  Together our consultants have over 75 years of experience with the plants and designing gardens.  We can also recommend water conserving or arid species.



We offer three types of consultation services:

OnlineThrough this process we will communicate primarily through emails, though perhaps by phone where needed.  We can help with plant identification, plant suggestions and help problem solving.  In many cases this is a simple free process to customers.  If it's complicated and takes a lot of work, there would be a charge for it.  We can go more in-depth with the design and make a simple plot maps and conceptual designs, but we charge for this service.  For most customers, if you need help selecting the right species for your area, this will type of consultation will work for you.  We've been doing this for decades and have helped thousands of enthusiasts over the past few decades.


At the nurseryFor consultations at the nursery, we will meet with you personally and help you with design suggestions (softscape) and show you plant recommendations.  For this to be most effective we suggest that you bring photos of the areas that you'd like to plant out.  We will also ask about your local weather, your soil and drainage, sun exposure for the areas of concern and other basic questions pertaining to your situation.  The latter will assist us in making the best plant recommendations possible.  With our experience, we know which species perform best in your area.  And, we recommend species that most designers or architects are totally unaware of.  In most circumstances, we offer this service for free to customers.  We do not offer blue prints, formal designs schematics or address structural or engineering issues.  But, we can do simple layout sketches where needed.  Most find this service extremely helpful.    


On site For onsite consultations we come to the site where you need help.  We charge for this type of consultation but it is an affordable fee.  At this time, we do not go outside of Southern California and do this mostly in San Diego County.   Usually a one hour consultation (plus some travel time) is adequate for most gardens.  It may take longer.  A consultant will come out to the site and do an inspection of the space, the soil, your anticipated climate and make recommendations based upon your preferences.  We will suggest species that should perform well in your locality and conditions.  We will also discuss plant placement, ways to improve your soil, watering systems and potential conceptual hardscape issues depending on your needs.  Most customers find it's money well spent and, because of our experience with the plants, more cost effective than hiring a "garden designer" or architect for selection of the right species and types of plants to utilize.  We've found historically that over 80% of such customers follow through with plant purchases from us and almost all have had excellent results.




Phil began Jungle Music in 1977 and has been involved with palms, cycads and tropical plants for 42 years.  He attended Stanford University and University of California San Francisco with a BS in biology and a medical degree.  He is a retired Emergency Physician, author, speaker and past President of both the Palm Society of Southern California and the International Palm Society.  He has been helping customers achieve their garden dreams for decades.  This includes many botanical gardens, theme parks and well know celebrities.
Phil Bergman

Jesse has been involved with Jungle Music for over twenty years.  He is a graduate of UCSD with a degree in Biological Anthropology.  He's been actively studying all plants for decades and has a particular interest in both palms and cycads.  He has authored articles on plants and given various talks and presentation to garden groups.  He is normally the one who does the on-site consultations and is quite good at it.  He is also involved with music as a secondary interest.
Jesse Bergman

Rusty has spent most of his life in the Encinitas area and has been an employee of Jungle Music for more than ten years.  He gets along great with customers and has a lot of experience in growing rare species in his own garden.  He is also a world class surfer and is presently coaching children and teenagers in surfing.  Rusty does both on-site consultations and nursery consultations.
Rusty Phillipy 

Ricardo has been with the nursery going on eight years.  He's very knowledgeable with all the plants we offer.  He is also bilingual in Spanish.  He's excellent at helping people select the types of plants or species that they want.  He has a great memory and almost always remembers previous customers and what they've previously purchased.  He's also good at offering cultural advice.  Ricardo does mostly nursery consults but can do on-site work as well.
Ricardo Juarez

Alma greets people with a big smile, is very knowledgeable about the plants and loves helping people with tropical companion plants.  If you want to add color to the garden, Alma is perfect to show you the best plants.  She's been on staff for five to six years and is also involved in real estate.  She only does nursery consultations and is a pleasure to meet.


Over the decades we've certainly done many hundreds of consultations.  The pictures below are from our customer's gardens.  Photographs are of the gardens of customers we've either consulted on or helped with species choices and design.  We've tried to not only illustrate designs but also show unusual species that can have a real impact on the garden's beauty.  This includes palm trees, unusual cycads and tropical companion plants.  Perhaps some of the photos may give you an idea of what you'd like to accomplish.  The photos also show close ups of individual plants to demonstrate usage in the garden.  Feel free to refer to any of these photos when you visit or contact us.  We hope you find these pictures useful.

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Garden consultation gardens Garden consultation gardens Garden Consultation
Garden consultation gardens Garden consultation gardens Garden consultation gardens
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Garden Consultation Garden Consultation Garden Consultation
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Consultation garden Garden consultation
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Garden Consultation Garden Consultation Garden Consultation
Garden Consultation Garden Consultation Cycad Consultation
Garden Consultation Garden Consultation Garden Consultation




We offer many decades experience with the plants, their culture and needs
• Particular emphasis on the plants we grow - palm trees, cycads, tropical plants and some succulents
• Specific species ideas for your needs
• Give ideas on plant placement and garden layout
• Educate customers on basic concepts of garden design
• Comment on mature plant sizes, cultural, sun and water needs
• Recommend plants species that are water conserving
• When possible, recommend plant species that are rare, unusual and fun to grow
• •When needed, locate and provide species or sizes that we may not have available
• Provide ideas on how to improve the quality of your soil
• Inform customers on the exact placement of the plants
• Assist customers with the best plants for a small garden where space is limited
• Recommend lush tropical or colorful plants
• Help troubleshoot garden plants that are having difficulties
• Advice on pruning, transplanting, or fertilizing plants
• Suggest experienced companies or men for assistance with planting
• Guide customers on creating a unique and botanically significant garden, one that will become a garden of their dreams
• We offer deliver to most areas of Southern California.  And, free of charge, we can hold plants until needed up to three months.  For longer periods a contract growing fee would apply.
For mail orders, we promptly ship unless weather forbids shipping.  In such a case we hold plants for free up to three months for later shipping. 
We do all of these things on a daily basis with our customers



• We are not engineers and do not offer advice or assistance on structural issues nor do we do any hardscape installation.
• We offer assistance with the types of plants we grow but not everything one can grow
• We cannot guarantee or warranty that you can successfully grow any recommended species or that you'll have success with your garden

• We do not guarantee or warranty the work of any contractors or gardeners that the customer chooses to utilize
• We do not offer or do soil or water analysis
• We are not licensed plant pathologists.  You may need such a pathology specialist for some plant issues.

• We do not plant or maintain gardens.
• We are not a tree removal service nor do we remove or buy large garden plants - but we do sometimes purchase cycad collections or rare potted palm trees.
• We do not do the actual planting or garden preparation work on any purchased materials.
• We do not ourselves deliver purchased plants outside of Southern California but do utilize mail order or trucking companies to other parts of CA and to most states.
• We do not allow plant rejections after delivery unless a plant is dead or severely damaged in transit.  We advise customers to be sure before they order plants.


For a Nursery Consultation, just drop in during business hours -
Monday - Saturday, 9AM to 4PM

For Email or Phone Consultation:
Email to or call 619 291 4605

For Onsite Consultations, call us to set up a good date and time.  We may ask a few questions at the onset with specific inquiries as to what you are trying to accomplish 

A Few Selected from Many

I needed to buy a palm tree for my front yard and did a ton of research online. I was really impressed with the vast amount of information and great reviews I found on Jungle Music Palms & Cycads. I wasn't sure what type of palm tree I needed so I gave Phil and his team a description of what I wanted. They listened to all of my requests and then suggested plants based off of my list. I was then shown several options. After deciding on my palm I was giving extensive information of how to plant and care for the palm tree, including a take home care sheet. I even mentioned that I just bought an avocado tree at a different nursery and I was given great information on how to care for it too! The selection was amazing and you can really tell Phil and his team care about their customers. If you are searching for great palms and Cycads with exceptional customer services then this is the place to go!” – DH

I am always looking for tropical plants to add to my jungle (apartment) at home and I was blown away at how big this nursery was inside, and all the different plants it had. A nice lady showed me exactly which plants would work for my apartment (indoor tropical) and educated me on the care, sunlight, watering and everything required to maintain the health of the plant. The whole stuff, including Phil ( I assume the owner) was intelligent, kind, and personable. No pressure to buy, just a beautiful walk under the shade of the trees until I picked out a select few. Seriously, such a friendly place with good natured people here. “ – MH

“Even though I live in less than "desirable" conditions for most species of palm, thanks to Jesse, Rusty, and Phil, I've been able to create a rather lush, tropical oasis out here in the hot/cold inland empire, CA! Their knowledge, willingness to help, and further follow-up to ensure proper plant placement, hydration, and light filtration, I've managed to really shock the neighbors with palms NOBODY around me has! You guys all Rock! Thank you all so much! I can't wait to start on my backyard, with more help from all of you at Jungle Palms! I'd recommend you to any future palm/cycad enthusiast!" – EH

“We recently moved into a new residential development in Carmel Valley. One of the biggest projects to deal with was the landscaping around our new home. When we decided on tropical plants we looked online and found Jungle Music in Encinitas. We were initially impressed with their large variety of tropical plants to select from but even more importantly was the excellent service and overall knowledge they had of their product. We decided to do our backyard first which also included a new swimming pool. Realizing we needed some extra help they came to our home to help us with some overall design and placement ideas as well as the plant and tree selections. It has been a few months now and we couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. If you are planning a new tropical landscape project we highly recommend that you contact Phil, Jesse and staff at Jungle Music.” – MF



If you go to our homepage of this website, we have published over a hundred articles that are easy to read and very helpful for those that don't want to use our Consultation Services.  There are website articles on:

Selection of plant species
Placement and layout of palms and plants
Water conserving plants
Rare cycads recommended and offered
Rare palm tree species recommended and offered
The best cycads for Southern CA (and other areas)
The best palm tree species for Southern CA (and other areas)
Rare tropical plants offered
Large specimen palm trees
Transplanting and repotting a palm
Fertilizing palm trees
Troubleshooting sick cycads
Shipping and delivery policies, warranties and refund policies
Service:  Photographing actual plants for mail order/deliver before you purchase

And, many other topics, all accessible from the home page.
But, a phone call or nursery visit may be more time efficient. 




Nursery Location:

 450 Ocean View Ave., Encinitas, CA  92024

Nursery Phone:  619 291 4605
Nursery Hours:

 Monday - Saturday, 9AM - 4PM
 Sunday typically closed

Directions to Nursery: Freeway Close. Take Freeway 5 to Encinitas
(10 minutes south of Oceanside, 30 minutes north of San Diego). 
Exit Leucadia Blvd West (toward ocean).
Immediate left on Orpheus Ave, left on Union St,
Right on Ocean View Ave to Nursery, which is at 450 Ocean View Ave
Mailing Address:

3233 Brant Street, San Diego, CA 92103


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