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  Delivery for palm trees and cycads is available

Delivery is available!

All major credit cards accepted 

Large Cycads For Sale

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Large cycads for sale, many in large plastic containers or 24 inch boxes in full sun.  These are perfect for "instant landscape" and includes some of the rarest of cycads available commercially.   

  • We have many thousands of large cycads available. 

  • Most who visit our nursery tell us we have the best selection of mature cycads available in the country. 

  • We now have over 600 large, sun ready Encephalartos cycads in 24 inch boxes. 

  • Many of the plants below have been in their container for over ten years and are really getting big. 

  • They are instant cycad landscape material. 

  • Some species are extremely limited in availability.

  • Plants are sold by caudex size and not necessarily container size. 

  •  Local deliveries possible. 

  •  Domestic shipments only. 

Below is a rough guide as to prices. Call for specifics, or better yet, come by and see these magnificent plants.  For visits to the nursery, always call first (619) 291-4605. Mail orders are possible bare root, but we cannot send them in the boxes because of the extreme cost of doing so. Remember that cycads are usually priced by caudex size and not container size.  Thank you for your interest.   -Phil Bergman, Owner



An asterisk ( * ) next to a species name means may be temporarily out of stock.  

Please Note: Prices/Availability can change without notice. 
No guarantees on survivability in your area.

Search for Species or Common Name
Ceratozamia kuesteriana $ 400+ inquire
Ceratozamia latifolia   $400+
Ceratozamia mexicana $ 475+ inquire
Ceratozamia mexicana (thin leaf) $ 350+ inquire
Ceratozamia mexicana (wide leaf)   inquire
Ceratozamia norstogii   inquire
Ceratozamia robusta   inquire
Ceratozamia sp. other   inquire
Cycas circinalis   inquire
Cycas tatungensis   inquire
Cycas thouarsii   inquire
Cycas wadei var. curranii   inquire
Dioon edule   inquire
Dioon edule var.angustifolia   inquire
Dioon mejiae   inquire
Dioon merolae   inquire
Dioon sp. 'rio pescado'   $ 600+
Dioon sp. 'rio verde'   inquire
Dioon spinulosum LOT$ 650+inquire
Encephalartos altensteinii inquireinquireinquire
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  All major credit cards accepted