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News, Media Coverage & Success Stories About Jungle Music - The Nursery and our Plants/Services

Read about Jungle Music's media coverage and find out what customers are saying about us!

Media Coverage of Jungle Music Palms and Cycads, Success Stories at end of Media (given in chronological order, newest at bottom)



(Random order below)

Garden Life syndicated national radio garden show
with hosts Sharon Asakawa and John Bagnasco, January 17th, 2010 on palms, cycads and their culture

Syndicated television story on cycads and their protection, NBC, Channel 7/39, San Diego
with emphasis on cycad security and rarity.
American Express "Black Ink" (prestigious publication on the best on the planet),
2007 regarding rare cycads with primary reference to Jungle Music
Garden Compass Magazine, Tropicals Issue
Los Angeles Daily Breeze, April 2005 Interview: "About 50 species of palms good for small areas" by David Leaser, Author of new book "Palm Trees: A Story in Photographs"  David Leaser lists Jungle Music as a source for palms and cycads. -April and July/August 2005
Where San Diego Magazine, F11ll, 2005
Sunset Magazine, July, 2003, "Signature Palms"   Jungle Music Palms and Cycads is the first nursery listed for buyers to find unusual as well as standard palms for Southern California
Pasadena Star News, Jungle Music is mentioned in "Around Pasadena" section,  May, 2003
San Diego Reader's - "BEST 2003" Jungle Music Palms and Cycads is listed as the "best place to buy a palm" in San Diego County, Southern California -January 2003.
The Press Enterprise - Home & Garden "Your Palm Pilot" An inland-area guide to choosing an maintaining palm trees, "Maybe you can sell that tall palm or maybe not" What to do with your unwanted palm -November 16, 2002.
“Talk with Tricia” San Diego Home/Garden Radio Show, KCBQ 1170 AM, "Why Palms?" Discussion of palms and cycads in the landscape -July 28, 2002.
San Diego Union Tribune  This article is about the Owner of Jungle Music, palms in the landscape and the International Palm Society and it's Chapters -June 13, 2002.
San Diego Home & Garden, "Jurassic Bark"  Article on cycads, Jungle Music and Philip Bergman are used for reference and also listed as source to buy plants. -June 2002
Garden Compass Radio Show, (formerly Over the Hedge) radio presentation about the nursery - December 8, 2001.
Garden Compass, magazine "Notable Nurseries" section, 3 page article about the nursery -November/December 2001.
Coastal Living, magazine -2001.
San Diego Union Tribune, newspaper in the "Home Scape" section - July 9, 2000.
Los Angeles Times, newspaper (Magazine Section) - June 10 1999 & June 11 2000 .
The Herald, Miami, FL., newspaper. Owner Phil Bergman in photo with Libby Besse and Chuck Hubbuch, taken while attending Palm Symposium 1999 at the Fairchild Tropical Garden - June 27, 1999.
Martha Stewart Living, magazine - February 1998 Issue.
Where on Earth, A Guide to Specialty Nurseries and Other
Resources for California Gardeners
by Barbara Stevens & Nancy Conner, A book published by Heyday Books - 1997
San Diego Home Gardening Seminar, Master Gardener Association/UCSD Cooperative Extension
  "Palms Advice" articles published in U.S. or international journals are now available for viewing in their entirety at this website.  Includes a wide spectrum of horticultural topics.
Quail Botanical Gardens: Yearly involvement in the "Palm and Cycad Sale"  
Los Angeles ArboretumFeatured nursery in yearly "Baldwin Bonanza" garden event
San Diego Zoo, garden events,a multiple  
Various Plant Societies from areas as distant as Europe have made visits to the nursery.
Various Colleges and Schools have had their horticulture students visit our nursery for education about palms and cycads.
Master Gardener guest lecturer on palms and the palm nursery
International Palm Society, www.palms.org

  Encinitas Garden Festivalsmultiple years 

 Featured nursery in Encinitas Garden Walk 2010

 Expert reviewer publications on palms and cycads,         University of Nevada

Referenced or linked to by more than 150
          palm and plant websites worldwide

 Supplier of specimen cycads and palms to major botanical    gardens and amusement and theme parks throughout the US

Scientific publication reviewer, various publications University of Nevada, Las Vegas

2011, Jungle Music chosen to supply plants for six major
Botanical Garden expansion programs throughout the United States

Jungle Music was a finalist in the contest "Best Nursery in San Diego", sponsored by the Union Tribune Newspaper (San Diego) and "OnlineSanDiego" website, June 2011.  Competition among all nurseries in San Diego County.  Final results released Aug, 2011

  Jungle Music, September, 2011, finished third place in the above contest.  This is a competition of "all" nurseries, all types, in San Diego County!  We are proud of this.

Article, "What is a Palm Tree" from our Website featured in journal of the Palm Society of South Texas, Fall 2013

Co-sponsored by the Palm Society of Southern Caifornia, for fifteen years Jungle Music has been the organizer and lead nursery setting up the Plant Sale plant sale at The San Diego Botanical Garden Annual Palm and Cycad Sale

Phil Bergman and Jungle Music selected as
advisors for new Sunset Western Garden Book, winter
Sunset Garden Book

Phil Bergman, speaker San Diego Horticultural Society, May 13, 2015 - Topic- "interesting and rare palm trees that can be grown in Southern California

Jungle Music's participation in the Annual Palm, Cycad and Bamboo Sale at San Diego Botanical Garden - over twenty years!

Jungle Music's participation in the Encinitas Garden and Nursery Walk

   Television Cycad Discussion, Evening News, CBS Channel 8 San Diego, February 20, 2017

Mentioned below are some of our long standing customer institutions and businesses that we've supplied plants to over the years:

The San Diego Zoo
The Safari Park
Disney Productions
Sea World
Lego Land
Los Angeles Arboretum
Huntington Botanical Gardens
San Antonio Botanical Gardens
Denver Botanical Garden
Missouri Botanical Garden
Lotusland Botanical Garden
Hollis Gardens
Streibing Arboretum
Stanford University
U. C. Berkeley, CA

Many other botanical gardens, companies and institutions


Success Stories

  • "We've already been to Jungle Music twice and have purchased many palms, but there is still so much we don't know about palms.  We are developing an interest in cycads also.  We really enjoy Jungle Music and the staff!"  A.C & R.C., Yorba Linda, California

  • "Thanks, Phil.  We're so excited that the plants are soon to be on their way!  You know, I have to say what a great job you folks do. I appreciate the attention to details, the prompt contact, and of course the beautiful plants.  I was recently in contact with another cycad nursery.  What an absolutely rude group of people, I was shocked.  You guys are stellar, by comparison."
    Thanks as always,
    W.G. Texas

  • "Thank you Jungle Palms!
    Even though I live in less than "desirable" conditions for most species of palm, thanks to Jesse, Rusty, and Phil, I've been able to create a rather lush, tropical oasis out here in the hot/cold inland empire, CA! Their
    knowledge, willingness to help, and further follow-up to ensure proper plant placement, hydration, and light filtration, I've managed to really shock the
    neighbors with palms NOBODY around me has! You guys all Rock! Thank you all so much! I can't wait to start on my backyard, with more help from all
    of you at Jungle Palms! I'd recommend you to any future palm/cycad enthusiast!"
    -E. H., Southern California

  • "Dear Phil, Thanks for shipping my order for the palms I wanted to add to my collection in such an excellent manner.  The plants arrived today at my office and unless you were told they came all the way from California to Kansas you would think they were grown right here in the Midwest, an indication of how well your staff packages the plants for shipment.  As you know my taste runs toward the more exotic and tropical specimens and the ones you have provided me are flourishing, a testimony to the quality conditions where they were propagated and nurtured.  I look forward to ordering others in the future."  J.M.  D.D.S., Topeka, Kansas

  •  "Phil-keep up the great work.  You and Jesse are doing a fantastic job of keeping an extensive inventory of the rarest palms and cycads along with the more common species that beginning collectors and landscapers are looking for.  I appreciate being able to send friends by your nursery and knowing that they will be well taken care of and impressed with the quality and selection."  H.H., Houston, Texas

  •  "Jesse, hello!! My wife, daughter and myself dropped by this past weekend, and I just want to thank you again for your great service.  I am going to start terracing my hillside, in which I call my backyard, to make room for more trees!!   I'll be back to see you in a few weeks to pick-up another load, maybe even the weekend of the upcoming open house.  Thanks again for making my dream a reality!!"  R.B., Corona, California 

  •  "Thank-you for a great web site.  I read with interest your article on planting"  W.S.J., Lakeside, CA.

  •  "This is the best selection of palms and cycads I have ever seen!   It's like being in a candy store!  I'm going to bring a truck next time."   C.R.N., San Diego, CA

  •  "Thanks for the tip on the article. By the way, the plants look great! Tell
    Jesse he did a great job with the packing - everything was in perfect
    LB, Austin, TX

  •  "No doubt about it, the best palm store in Southern California."   S.W., Huntington Beach, CA

  •  "Your website is fantastic and provided me with the largest resource of palms I've seen."   D.W., Atlata, Georgia

  •  "VERY satisfied, they are actually better than expected, ... a VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER, & you now have my return business & referrals, for I'll be buying cycads in the future ONLY from your firm, your service far exceeds the others I've done business with."  L.K. of Los Angeles

  •  "You have an AMAZING selection of palms. I cant wait to come down." J.Y., Santa Barbara, CA

  • (During an Open House)  "your staff made us all feel welcome, and invited us over to share in the spread ... I heard from others that took the time to wander through Jungle Music that they really enjoyed the double-header -- our meeting at The Monarch Program, and your Open House at Jungle Music!  So a quick but heartfelt THANK YOU to you and Jungle Music - you make the word "community" come to life.

    D.H., Encinitas, CA

  • Hi Phil,

    "Thanks so much for talking with my friend and me a few weeks ago. You have an awesome nursery"

  • "Thank you Phil for answering so quickly, didn't expect that... Just thought I'd try. ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR PHOTO GALLERY.

    V. I. 

  • Phil,

    "It was a wonderful experience to be in your nursery last Saturday. Never

    seen so many palms and cycads in one place. It was an aha moment for me.

    I really wished i had the money to buy everything - kind of went crazy

    seeing all the plants."
    Joseph, CA


  • Phil,
    "I just received my nine or so boxes of palms!  Wow!  They all arrived in superior condition.  You exceeded my expectations in the quality you sent, especially with the Kentias!....  Thanks again, and once I find a more space to shoe horn some more unusual specimens in to my landscape or in planters, you will be hearing from me."
    T.T., Houston, TX

  • Phil and his employees grow awesome plants. I have bought several things from Phil and will continue to do so. His plants are very healthy and can be nice sized if you spend the time to look around. I would recommend Jungle Music to anyone. N.O., Encinitas, CA

  • The best hands down. Phil and Jesse grow great plants, good prices( an overgrown 5 gal is still a 5 gal price). Take time to answer any questions. Also just a great place to hang out and talk palms, cycads or whatever with a great crew. First class all the way. SG, San Marcos, CA

  • Phil has a mind boggling selection of plants that are in great health with a good selection of sizes. To top it off, the staff that he has is knowledgeable and very accommodating willing to spend the time to make sure you find what you are looking for. DL, Southern CA

  •  I live in the San Antonio, Texas area.  I ordered 3 palms on a Thursday, and received them 2 days later (Saturday) I anxiously opened the boxes to find the three palms in perfect condition, and, to my surprise, a Nannorrhops Ritchiana band for free.  You even called to make sure I got the items.  Thanks for the great service. A.C., Texas

  • I tell my wife that visiting your site I'm like a kid in a candy store!

    When I look at your web page and being the palm and tropical plant nut that I am I look at it as the ONLY source to go to for not only buying plants, but for information.....very in depth information about what you sell in every detail.

    I'm not going to lie, but when I have an issue with a plant at home I will look on your site for a possible answer(like for my Kentia) Most sites aren't like yours, maybe because their only interest is in selling plants and not providing the personal service that you do. That means a lot to people now a days and what sets your website and business far apart from the others  S.S., Omaha, NE

  • I want to let you know how exceptional the Jungle Music plants are; they put to shame what I see at other nurseries.  Your crew does a great job in caring for and ensuring the delivery of the plants.  Also the amount of information available on your website makes it really easy for me to make selections with the confidence the result will work out right at maturity.  Thanks again for a great shopping experience.  I hope I can be a good steward for the plants you have taken such good care of.  N.Y., CA

  • I am very happy with my purchase of plants, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent at the nursery. I love my new plants, and the education about how to take care of them. I love your nursery and will of course pass along the good word to friends and family.  Once again, thank you for your knowledge and assistance. Once I move into my new apartment, I will be seeing you for some more plants.  T.F., Southern CA





Thank you for reading about our nursery.

Phil Bergman

Jungle Music Palm, Cycads & Tropical  Plants






Nursery Location:

450 Ocean View Ave., Encinitas, CA  92024

Nursery Phone: 619 291 4605
Nursery Hours:

 Monday - Saturday 9am - 4pm
 Sunday typically closed

Directions to Nursery: Freeway Close. Take Freeway 5 to Encinitas
(10 minutes south of Oceanside, 30 minutes north of San Diego). 
Exit Leucadia Blvd West (toward ocean).
Immediate left on Orpheus Ave, left on Union St,
Right on Ocean View Ave to Nursery - 300 feet on your right
450 Ocean View Ave, Encinitas, CA 92024
Mailing Address:

3233 Brant Street, San Diego, CA 92103



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Zamia skinneri

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