Arenga micrantha
The Tibetan Sugar Palm

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 Arenga micrantha Eric CFPACS
photo by Eric CFPACS

Arenga micrantha

Arenga micrantha



Arenga micrantha




Tibet, Bhuton, north India - elevations to 7000 feet

Cold Hardiness: 

Very cold hardy - down to 16 degrees F.

Trunk type:

Fibrous, suckering

Leaf type:

Pinnate with silver backs


Suckering type palm


Fairly easy

Speed of growth:



To 20 feet

Soil requirements:


Sun Requirements:

Filtered light probably best

General Description:

New introduction of super cold hardy pinnate palm

Other Notes:

Exciting new palm that collectors and palm lovers should see out.  Very hard to find, especially with any size.

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