Archontophoenix alexandrae
Alexandra palm, Alexander palm, King Palm, 
King Alexander palm

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 Archontophoenix alexandrae photo

Archontophoenix alexandrae

Archontophoenix alexandrae







Cold Hardiness: 

Probably to about 26 or 27 degrees F. 

Trunk type:

It has a medium sized, gray trunk (1-1.5 feet in diameter). Crownshaft is a bright green color [a woody shaft at the top of the trunk composed of tightly wrapped leaf-bases].

Leaf type:

Pinnate (feather shaped) leaf.  The leaves also have a glaucous or silver color on the underside of the leaves.


Solitary palm (single trunk).


Little, does not require much maintenance.

Speed of growth:

Fast grower.


Can get up to 40' feet.

Soil requirements:

Average moisture, palm likes a quick draining and sandy top soil.

Sun Requirements:

Partial or full sun, depending on location.

General Description:

This is a very nice, fast growing palm.  It is great for forming a foliage canopy.

Other Notes:

Desirable for a "tropical" domestic garden.

Further Data:

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