Arenga engleri
Formosa Palm, Dwarf Sugar Palm 

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Arenga engleri

Arenga engleri






Like all Arengas, Old World.  Specifically from Taiwan and surrounding areas.

Cold Hardiness: 

Tolerates frost, probably to the upper teens F.

Trunk type:

Clumping, short trunks.  Fibrous

Leaf type:

Narrow, pinnate (feather shaped) leaves with jagged edges at tip; silver color underneath.


Suckering (multiple trunks).



Speed of growth:



Variable, typically under 12 feet feet, sometimes only to 8 feet.

Soil requirements:

Average moisture, good drainage.

Sun Requirements:

Filtered or Coastal full sun 

General Description:

Compact suckering species with silver back to the leaflets and very fragrant blossoms.

Other Notes:

Nice domestic garden species.  Easy to grow.  People in SF Bay area are growing this species.  Cold hardy

Further Data:

See Cold Hardy Palms  Palms For Moderately Severe Cold Weather.

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