Dypsis decipiens
 Manambe palm

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 Dypsis decipiens


Dypsis decipiensPhoto by MR

Dypsis decipiens

Dypsis decipiens


Dypsis decipiens



Madagascar Island

Cold Hardiness: 

18 F.

Trunk type:

This palm has a large, swollen gray woody trunk - often cigar shaped as shown here.  Sometimes it will sucker.  Also, crown shaft can be green or silver.

Leaf type:

This palm has arching pinnate leaves.  Leaves are green and rarely blue-green


This palm can be both solitary or suckering


This palm is easy to grow but vulnerable to root damage

Speed of growth:

It is a very slow grower


15 to 30 feet approximately

Soil requirements:

Likes a rich sandy soil that drains quickly

Sun Requirements:

This palm will want full sun in most areas

General Description:

This is a beautiful, slow growing palm.  It can be solitary, but tends to make basal suckers (few).  It is a easy grow for most areas if you give this palm heat and sun.  This palm is slow to form trunk, but is worth the wait.  Sought-after by collectors.  Known to die if dug or roots are disturbed during planting.

Other Notes:

If this palm interests you you may be interested in Dypsis decaryi, Dypsis onilahensis, Butia capitata or Pseudophoenix sargentii.

Further Data:

 See photo gallery for other photos.  This is a highly recommended species.  Also, it has difficulty with super warm and humid summer weather. 

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