Kentiopsis oliviformis

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 kentiopsis oliveformis





New Caledonia Island (East of Australia).

Cold Hardiness: 

30s F., perhaps slightly colder.

Trunk type:

Smooth trunk, silver-green crown shaft.

Leaf type:

Pinnate (feather shape).


Solitary (single trunk).


Protect as a seedling, work into sun as it gets larger.  

Speed of growth:

Slow as seedling, faster when juvenile in the ground.


30 feet

Soil requirements:

Rich, good draining soil

Sun Requirements:

Coastal, full or part day sun.  Inland, strong filtered light.

General Description:

An attractive and rare palm with very thick substance to the leaflets.  Nice rings on the trunk.   

Other Notes:

Compare with other forms of Kentiopsis.

Further Data:

 See New Caledonian Palms article.

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