Phoenix reclinata
African Wild Date Palm, Senegal Date Palm

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Cold Hardiness: 

20s, F.

Trunk type:

Suckering (multiple trunks), rough, with spines on petioles (leafstalks).

Leaf type:

Pinnate (feather shape).


Suckering (multiple trunks).  Can be trimmed to desired number of trunks.



Speed of growth:



20 to 25 feet mature

Soil requirements:


Sun Requirements:

Full sun

General Description:

A desirable suckering fan palm that can tolerate some degree of cold weather.  Very expensive when large.  Can be transplanted.

Other Notes:

The pure form from Africa has a very flat leaf.  "Hybridized" forms are more plumose (fluffy appearance) in the leaf.  Remember to give ample room for future growth. 

Further Data:


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