Polyandrococos caudescens
Buri palm

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 polyandrococos caudescens






Cold Hardiness: 

28-30s F.

Trunk type:

Medium (10 inches approximately).  It has a woody trunk.

Leaf type:

Pinnate (feather shaped).  The leaves are medium sized (8-10  feet).  The undersides of the leaflets are silver. This palm holds its leaves very upright.


Solitary (single trunk).


Easy, likes humidity.

Speed of growth:



15 feet approximately.

Soil requirements:

Rich and sandy soil that drains well.

Sun Requirements:

Filtered sun.

General Description:

This is a very nice palm.  Aside from being a slow grower, it is a great addition to any palm garden.  The new emergent spear resembles a zebra as they are dark green/black and white stripped.  It is a consistent grower, though it does need protection as a young plant.

Other Notes:

This palm has been successfully grown throughout Southern California.  It there are some mature specimens that can be seen, but not many as it is a slow grower.

Further Data:


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