Sabal "Riverside"
The "Riverside" Palm

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Sabal riverside





Unknown, see notes below.

Cold Hardiness: 

Very cold hardy, probably about 15-16 degrees F.

Trunk type:

Fat, rough, covered with leaf bases until it gets older.

Leaf type:

  Costapalmate, somewhat gray-green color.  The leaves are huge and the petiole long.  





Speed of growth:

Medium.  For a fan, it is fast.


To about 30 feet.

Soil requirements:

Sandy, well draining.  But, will grow almost anywhere. 

Sun Requirements:

Full, hot sun.

General Description:

A very appealing fan palm.  It is particular popular because of the blue-green color of the leaves.  It has a thick trunk and is very cold hardy.  This is a great species for people from colder areas of TX and the Gulf states.  

Other Notes:

This "species" is a perplexing enigma.  No palms are truly native to Riverside, CA.  However, the only known plant of this "species" came from there.  All subsequently grown plants originated from the "mother plant" which was in Riverside.  Therefore, the name has stuck with it.  It is probably a Caribbean species of Sabal.

Further Data:


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