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  Delivery for palm trees and cycads is available

Delivery is available!

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Larger Sized Palms For Sale





Large 20g, 25g, 45g and 24 inch box Palm Trees typically in Full Sun For Sale, ready for your "Instant Landscape" 

Below is a list with prices on palms we have in larger sizes: 

  • These plants are typically well overhead. 

  • Many are outdoor grown and acclimated to full sun. 

  • Many growers feel that larger sizes not only give instant appeal but also increase your chances for optimal survival after planting.

  • All of the plants below can be carried and planted by men and cranes are not needed.  I.e, no heavy equipment typically needed

  • Boxes larger than 24 inch size typically require heavy equipment, markedly increasing transport and planting costs.  Available on request.

  • If you need larger sizes, call us as we have multiple networks with other nurseries who specialize in crane sized material.  And, if we don't have what you want, we might be able to obtain it quickly. 

Especially nice below are the Howeas, Dypsis, Rhopalostylis, Pritchardias, Sabals, Chambeyronia, Kentiopsis, Archontophoenix, and many others.  Prices for these palm trees are subject to change without notice.  If you live in an inland, hot area, please read our article on "Desert Palms" at this Site. -Phil Bergman, Owner

An asterisk ( * ) next to a species name  or completely blank lines means may be temporarily out of stock.
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Acoelorrhaphe wrightiiSilver Saw Palmetto, Paurotis Palm, Everglades Palm  420
Archontophoenix alexandraeAlexandra palm, Alexander palm, King Alexander palm400 500
Archontophoenix cunninghamianaBangalow Palm, Piccabeen Palm, King Palm300400450
Archontophoenix purpureaMount Lewis King Palm, Purple Crown Shaft King Palm, Mt. Lewis King Palm  450
Arenga engleriFormosa Palm, Dwarf Sugar Palm 500 
Beccariophoenix fenestralis"Window"  650
Beccariophoenix madagascariens   650
Bismarckia nobilisBismark palm, Bismarck palm 450500
Brahea armataMexican Blue Fan Palm, Blue Hesper palm 350450
Brahea brandegeeiSan Jose Hesper Palm350 450
Burretiokentia hapala  400 
Burretiokentia koghiensis  450 
Burretiokentia vieillardiiTiger palm 500 
Butia capitataJelly Palm, Pindo Palm, Wine Palm 350500
Butia capitata blue form  350 
Butia x SyagrusMule Palm  650
Caryota gigasThai Mountain Giant Palm, Black Trunk Fishtail, Mountain Fishtail Palm450550650
Caryota maximaGiant Mountain Fishtail palm 240 
Caryota mitisClustering Fishtail palm, Burmese Fishtail palm, Suckering Fishtail Palm300350 
Caryota Thai Mountain (gigas) 350550550
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  All major credit cards accepted